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Thursday, 06 September 2012 in Search Engine Optimization
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Due to frequent Google algorithm updates and the competition continuously growing, many websites in the World Wide Web suffer from losses in Google rankings. So, if you are experiencing such a situation, make sure you have checked the following:


  • May your website have too many links from low quality sources ?
  • May the majority of them go on the same page of your website or have the same anchor text?

After Google has announced the Penguin update, it is very important that your link profile looks as natural as possible.

Indexed pages:

Look at how many of your web pages are found in Google index and how often Google spiders you site to see if there are any signs of problems.


  • Are there too many links going from page to page?


Make sure your website content is unique. It should also be characterized by quality and provide users with valuable and interesting information about your product. At the same time, don’t forget that the Google algorithm is now more sophisticated than ever, so it can more easily detect if the content of a webpage is related to the keywords that are targeted on it. So, make sure that on every page of your website you have targeted the proper keywords.

Keyword stuffing:

Be careful when targeting keywords for which you wish your website to acquire top Google rankings. Use them wisely inside your content so as the latter doesn’t diminish user experience or have negative impact to your rankings.

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