Knossos Beach

Knossos beach has selected Net360 for its online precence since 2008, during that time we constantly optimize the hotels website and came forward with a new refurnished website to target new international markets, add new functionalities and to optimize the conversion rate in a very competitive enviroment, Tourism in Crete.


  • Optimization of SEO targeting and quality.
  • Additional of new languages for the international version for selected markets.
  • Planning and implementation of PPC campains.
  • Content copy writing and structure to heat up the interest of visitors.
  • Redesign of the website to optimize the user experiance.


  • 33% Redused the bounce rate
  • +12% Increased total visitors
  • +58% Greatly increased the visitors for targeted markets
  • +123% Over double revenue for online bookings

Latest Projects

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