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Net360 SA takes over the entire online marketing of your business. We design, implement and optimize professional advertising campaigns not only for the largest search engine, Google, but also for all the famous social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc.

Online Pay per Click (PPC) marketing campaigns compose a direct and effective way to increase your business presence online and to attract targeted audience to your website. Thus, it is a very useful tool that can, if used correctly and with professionalism, drive your business to increase its competitiveness and performance. One of the basic advantages of online Pay per Click (PPC) advertising campaigns is that you only pay when someone actually clicks on your ad and gets directed to your website. In this way, you can know the exact performance of your marketing campaign in real numbers of visitors and so you only pay for results, which are guaranteed.

Our company disposes specialized and trained personnel in campaign management and optimization. The initial stage of the advertising campaign creation is the research and study of the competition and the finding of the most appropriate keywords. Due to our experience and expertise on the object, we have the ability of creating ads for our clients’ products and services aiming to approach possible clients at the very moment when they search for something similar. Then, we evaluate the campaign and we optimize its content in order to bring the best results possible and to maximize the promotion of your business. At the end, we conduct the final evaluation of the advertising campaign and we are constantly watching its results in terms of sales and return of investment (ROI) for your company.

The campaigns are designed and implemented for pcs, laptops, as well as for tablets and smart phones, an emerging market with a strong presence, in order for your company to approach the largest possible market.

The staff of Net360 SA is experienced and has received special education in Google Adwords and Google Analytics and can successfully guide your business to quick and substantial results through targeted online marketing campaigns.

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