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Δευτέρα, 17 Ιούνιος 2013 in Search Engine Optimization
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After Panda and Penguin updates, many SEO experts discuss about the best SEO practices we should perform so that websites keep doing well on Google search results. Through this article, NET360 S.A. points out the best SEO practices for 2013 that all webmasters should follow in order to improve website traffic and conversion.

  • Killer content

As content is still the king, content rich websites are of Google’s preference. Webmasters should focus on creating original, unique and quality content, without forgetting to use rich formats like images, videos and info graphics as well. With the purpose of improving organic traffic, the best practice is to create and share content on a regular basis.

  • Long tail keywords

Another SEO practice, not at all unknown to SEOs but still a good one to perform, is the optimization for long tail keywords which are more specific, have low competition and provide more targeted traffic.

  • Quality backlinks

With Google Penguin to aim at spam techniques, you should try to get backlinks only from genuine and relevant sites. As links are still a major ranking factor, it is better to have a natural link profile, so avoid buying links, link exchange and blog commenting. Also avoid low-quality directory sites and unnatural backlinks with generic anchor text.

  • Anchor texts

Again because of Google Penguin update, optimization of anchor texts should be done with attention. The best practice here is to avoid over-optimizing them while trying to diversify them using both branded and non-branded keywords.

  • Become more social

It is a fact that the importance of social signals is growing at such a degree that they affect more and more Google rankings. This means that Google might understand the quality of your content through likes, shares, tweets etc., so you should definitely spend more time working with social media to better promote your business online.

  • Authorship

Authorship is another signal that now affects Google rankings. Become a verified author and see your rankings improving.

  • Create authority

Try to become a known and credible expertby providing readers with worthy content which will focus on a certain topic.

  • Mobile optimization

The usage of mobile devices has significantly increased and as we expect 2013 to be the year of mobile, don’t forget to have your site mobile optimized. We are not talking only about mobile SEO, but about design as well. A thing to have in mind: responsive design keeps things simpler.

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