Google and SEO in 2013: What to expect ?

Παρασκευή, 24 Μάιος 2013 in Search Engine Optimization
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Matt Cutts of Google Web spam team has recently released a video where he informs website owners and SEOs about what to expect from Google in the coming months.

In the list that follows you will find the most important points of his video.

  • Next significant Penguin update, called “Penguin 2.0”, is about to come.
    We all know that Penguin algorithm focuses on black-hat techniques and as the new version of it will be more comprehensive, be sure that your website is clean of everything that could cause loss in rankings or even a penalty.
  • Closer eye to advertorials
    According to Matt Cutts, Google is going to pay more attention to advertorials that do not follow Google’s guidelines. He also points out that advertorials should not pass Pagerank to the websites they link to.
  • Better link analysis
    Google is about to develop a “different system that will do more sophisticated links analysis” as Matt Cutts said. As a result, spamming links will become more ineffective.
  • Better site detection
    Google is about to improve site detection so that it can better detect sites that have been hacked. In addition to this, it will try to better inform webmasters as to what is going wrong, so that they can more easily clean up their site.
  • Better rankings for authority sites
    Matt Cutts said that there will also be an improvement on the way Google recognizes if a site is an authority in a specific area. Good news is that these kind of sites will rank better. So, if you are an authority keep writing useful content of high quality!

Click the link below to view Matt Cutt’s video:
Google and SEO in 2013

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